Until the decision of 3/2 is not concluded, we will consider it the tip of a gun: Bilawal Bhutto.

Islamabad: Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while declaring the court’s decision as the decision of the gun’s point, has said that until the decision of three-two is not completed, we will consider it as the decision of the gun’s point.

According to details, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Bilawal Bhutto said that elections should be held on time, but the situation today, in which there is a violation of 90 days, we did not do it, nor did anyone else. We are supporters of holding elections throughout the country in one day.

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He made it clear that they consider decisions that impose the minority’s decision by proving the majority as the decision of the gun’s point. If issues are not resolved, democracy and federation are at serious risk.

Bilawal said that we understand that it will be difficult to reach an agreement on one or two issues in negotiations. We face difficulties in convincing allies to form a government in another agency. We agree with allies that there will be no negotiations at gunpoint.

PPP Chairman said that the conspiracy to hold elections in Punjab forcefully has been exposed by the PPP. We were against the One Unit back then, and we are still against it today. If elections are held in Punjab against the will of some elements, it will have negative effects on politics, national interests, and the other three provinces.

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He further stated that political parties are afraid of a backdoor deal with the One Unit, so our effort is to bring our allies together for negotiations. Even if we have to engage in dialogue with our political opponents, we should. We are all stuck in a political situation where the common man is suffering. We want an agreement on elections across the country in one day. As far as implementing the decision is concerned, we will follow the decision that has the majority of four.

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Bilawal said that it is impossible to reach an agreement on the matter of negotiations under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Negotiations cannot take place under coercion. Everyone knows how the past Chief Justices remember this matter. After Eid, we will give this issue a final shape in the head-of-state conference.

Abdul Rehman

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