Unusual Scene on Delhi Metro Goes Viral: Men Board in Women’s Clothing to Make a Point

Video: Strange scene in Delhi Metro, anyone who saw it was amazed A few days ago, an unusual scene was witnessed on a Delhi Metro bus that left everyone who saw it amazed, and its video went viral on social media.

Delhi Metro has been in the news recently, and social media is abuzz with discussions about it. Recently, a video went viral that captured the attention of users and is being commented on.

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Instagram user Sameer Khan shared a clip of Delhi Metro in which he and his friend Bhawya Kumar are shown entering the Metro bus wearing women’s clothing.

Both young men are wearing T-shirts, skirts, shoes, sunglasses, and carrying handbags as they board the Metro bus. Upon doing so, they are stared at in amazement by the passengers present at the station and on the bus.

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Sameer Khan and Bhawya Kumar said that the purpose of wearing these clothes was to end the differentiation of women’s clothing and to eliminate discriminatory attitudes towards them from society.

Users are expressing interesting reactions to this strange and fascinating video.

Abdul Rehman

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