Video of fire erupting during UAE plane’s flight surfaced

Dubai: After takeoff of UAE plane, fire erupted, and a video of the fire during the flight went viral, in which the plane can be seen surrounded by flames.

According to the details, a bird collided with the Flydubai plane after takeoff, causing a fire to break out during the flight, and the video of the fire became public.

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Eyewitnesses on social media reported seeing flames on flight FZ576 from Kathmandu to Dubai, and pictures shared on social media show the plane enveloped in flames over Kathmandu.

The passenger plane was heading from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport to Dubai when it had to make an emergency landing due to the bird strike, and more than 150 passengers were on board the plane.

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The spokesperson said that the plane was safely landed at Dubai International Airport at 11:00 pm local time, which is 11 minutes past midnight, where it will be further examined.

Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement that Flydubai’s flight 576 from Kathmandu to Dubai is now operating as per normal, and according to the flight plan, it is moving towards its destination.

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