Warning, Beware! These jobs can end in 10 years

The scientific advancements in the world, especially in artificial intelligence, have made many jobs easier in various fields, but at the same time, there is also a fear of ending jobs for humans in many fields.

In this regard, predictions have been made for many years, but recently, an Arabic magazine has compiled a list of predictions that could end in the next 10 years or have a clear possibility of ending. The report also advises individuals associated with these professions to prepare in advance and seek alternative employment opportunities.

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The World Economic Forum has also conducted a special study on this issue, which states that in the next few years, machines will start doing the work of 85 million employees, and they will have to switch to other jobs.

Some of the jobs that may end in the future for humans include:

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  1. : Door-to-door sales: Sales have been the most demanding field in every era because every product needs to be sold, and the sales sector fulfills this demand, but this field may be affected in the next ten years. However, it is also facing a lot of uncertainty and a significant decline in these statistics, including jobs that may disappear in a few years.
  2. Telemarketing: Although telemarketing has been profitable for companies for decades, it is also one of the fields that may see a decline in the next few years due to the advancement of technology.
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