“We will not let the government run away from elections,” says Imran Khan.

Lahore: Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, said that we will not let the government run away from elections, and that the PTI is facing gross violations of human rights. He made these remarks in a special interview with ARY News, answering the questions of host Maria Memon and having a detailed conversation about the country’s political and economic situation.

Speaking about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the provincial assembly elections, he said that when Qasim Suri’s rolling was rejected through a suo motu notice, there were praises, but now that the Supreme Court has taken a suo motu notice, they are facing great difficulties. The courts were open for us even at 12 o’clock at night, and we did not deny the Supreme Court’s decision at that time.

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Imran Khan said that before this, a 3-5 member bench of the Supreme Court had made a decision which everyone accepted. The constitution clearly states that if the assembly dissolves, elections must be held within 90 days. The Supreme Court has set the date for the elections on May 14, and we will not let them run away. These people are still trying to put pressure on the judiciary, but we are preparing the public, and the entire nation is standing with justice and the rule of law.

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He said that he understands that the PML-N thinks that running away from the elections is the solution, because their party has completely fallen apart. If they come out in Punjab, they will find out that people are no longer with them.

Abdul Rehman

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