Wedding turns into battlefield over missing dish of hot sweet puris in India’s Jharkhand state

When hot sweet puris weren’t served, a wedding ceremony turned into a battlefield. During a wedding ceremony in the Indian state of Jharkhand between Tuesday and Wednesday, a guest became furious when he did not receive hot sweet puris, a type of Indian fried bread. He first got into an argument with the hosts and later called some people over the phone.

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The guest and the hosts initially exchanged harsh words, and later, they threw stones and utensils at each other. Some people even tried to fire their guns. Three people were severely injured in the scuffle and were taken to the hospital. Upon receiving the information, the police arrived at the scene with a heavy force and brought the situation under control.

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The police arrested the person who caused the commotion. The next day, the police organized the wedding ceremony with security.

Abdul Rehman

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