What did Naseer Khan Jan want to become?

Naseer Khan Jan, a social media star, openly revealed things about himself that no one knew until today.

Naseer Khan Jan doesn’t need an introduction; he has gained fame on social media due to his unique style. He participated in ARY Digital’s program ‘Good Morning Pakistan.’

In the program, the social media star mentioned, “The name of my village is Deir, I have eight sisters, and we are eight brothers, but I am the youngest.”

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He said, “I have multiple degrees. I did laboratory technology, then a bachelor’s degree, and I have also completed a master’s degree in English from Malakand University.”

He mentioned that when he was doing FSc, his father was a doctor, and many educated people are present in our family who stay away from social media.

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The host asked, “What did you want to become?” To this, Naseer Khan Jan replied, “I wanted to become a space host. I wished to have a high-paying job and had a strong desire to become famous.”

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