Instagram is a social media platform where many people join the application every day.

It is estimated that millions of people around the world use this social media application and it is considered to be the most popular platform.

So far, millions of people from all over the world have shared a lot of photos on this platform through their accounts, but only one of them is the most popular photo ever.

The most popular photo on Instagram is of an egg.

The image of this egg was posted in 2019 with a handle called ‘World Record Egg’ which was also intended to get more likes and this user had expressed his desire to set a world record in the caption of the image.

This time on the occasion of World Photography Day, the image of this egg has received more than 55 million (55 million) likes.

The 10 favorite photos on Instagram include singer Ariana Grande, Bailey Elsh and star footballer Lionel Messi, but the image of an egg weighs heavily on them all.

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