What is the new feature of WhatsApp and how many phones can it be used on at the same time?

The popular messaging service WhatsApp has introduced the feature of using the app on up to 4 mobile phones simultaneously.

This new feature has just been announced and will be introduced to users around the world in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp users have been requesting the convenience of using one account on more than one device for several years.

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According to a company blog post, this demand of users is now being fulfilled, and users can access all their WhatsApp media, including images, on multiple devices without any barriers and without compromising security or privacy.

The blog states that up to 4 additional smartphones can be linked to a WhatsApp account, and only the primary phone is required to be logged in to access the app on other devices such as computers and tablets.

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Users will need to scan a QR code to set up this feature. According to WhatsApp, it will be introduced to all users shortly.

Abdul Rehman

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