What was the highest bid in dollars to buy the most expensive football club?

Doha: The history of football’s famous club Manchester United has seen the most expensive bid to buy.

Sheikh Jasim, from Qatar, made the most expensive bid in the history of sports to buy Manchester United.

According to media reports, those interested in buying English football clubs gathered their final bids on April 28, where Sheikh Jasim, Chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank, offered more than 5 billion pounds (more than PKR 1.578 trillion).

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Reports say that the Sheikh’s bid has been confirmed, while club owners still believe that this offer is less than the desired valuation.

On the other hand, the owners of 20% shares in the club, Ayorm and Joel Glazer, estimated that Manchester United’s current value is more than 6 billion euros (more than PKR 1.894 trillion).

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When contacted by a news agency, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of 50% shares in Manchester United, did not comment on the deal.

It is clear that discussions are still ongoing on a contract worth 4.8 billion euros for the Washington Commanders team of the NBA.

It should be noted that a group of Qatari investors had dreamed of buying the famous football club Manchester United at the beginning of last year.

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Here, the founder of the INEOS chemical company, Ratcliffe, has been a fan of United since childhood and last year he was trying to buy the football club Chelsea…

Abdul Rehman

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