What will be the duration of advertisements on YouTube? Announcement of the new policy

The duration of advertisements on YouTube will now be increased. The famous video platform YouTube’s administration has made another decision regarding video advertisements.

According to reports from international news agencies, YouTube Broadcast announced that soon, 30-second advertisements will be added to the content viewed on TV. This means that the use of the YouTube app on TV will be similar to traditional TV channels.

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Currently, advertisements on YouTube have a duration of 15 seconds, which cannot be skipped. However, under the new change, this duration will be increased to 30 seconds, and the number of such advertisements will also be increased.

According to the company, this change is being introduced in the initial phase in the United States and Canada, and it will be expanded worldwide in the coming months.

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YouTube administration claims that 70% of YouTube Select impressions come from TV, which provides an ideal platform for long advertisements.

According to media reports, YouTube’s CEO, Neil Mohan, said during an event that the number of people watching YouTube on big screens in their homes is increasing.

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