When will the first lunar eclipse of the year 2023 occur?

The first lunar eclipse of the year 2023 will occur on the night between May 5th and 6th.

According to the details, the current year’s first lunar eclipse will take place on May 5th, and it will be visible in several countries including Asia, Europe, and Arab countries.

The observation of the lunar eclipse can be made according to Pakistani time at 8:14 pm, and the moon will be relatively dim.

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The total duration of the lunar eclipse will be 4 hours and 10 minutes, and the eclipse will reach its peak at 10:23 pm while it will end at 12:32 am.

According to experts, the lunar eclipse will be visible in several Asian countries, as well as in Europe, Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and China.

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It should be noted that the lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow, which causes the moon to appear reddish. Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse can be observed without taking any protective measures for the eyes.

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