Why are Hira Soomro’s fans disappointed with her?

According to the famous actress Hira Soomro, her fans do not know that she is married. When they find out, they become very disappointed.

In an interview, Hira revealed that she had become a mother before her acting career began. Recently, she had her second child, a daughter who is four years old, and she also has a son.

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According to the actress, when her career started, the industry and her fans were unaware of her marriage and children, and most people thought she was unmarried.

Hira said that now that people know she is married, her male fans express their disappointment and ask her why she got married so soon in comments on her social media posts.

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Hira Soomro stated that when she reads comments from male fans expressing love or desire to marry her on her social media posts, she laughs, and her husband also laughs before telling those people in a light tone that they are crazy and do not know anything about her.

The actress said that when male fans express their love or desire to marry her, her husband jokingly tells them in a light tone that they are crazy and do not know anything about her.

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Regarding questions about her marriage, the actress revealed that she got married…


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