Why are the F and J keys different on the keyboard?

If you look at the keyboard of any computer, the F and J keys or buttons will appear different from the others. The reason for this is that the F and J keys have markings or lines on them.

But why does this happen and why don’t the other keys have these markings?

The F and J keys are also called home keys, and the lines on them serve a specific purpose.

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Basically, their purpose is to assist in typing without looking at the keyboard while using both hands.

So, place the index finger of your left hand on the F key and the index finger of your right hand on the J key, and then start typing. By doing this, you can keep your eyes on the screen while typing, and these lines help you locate your fingers on the keyboard.

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These lines inform your brain that your hands are in the correct position for typing because they can feel the lines with your fingers.

These lines provide your brain with information about the placement of keys like F, D, H, or other keys and guide your fingers where to go while typing.

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Abdul Rehman

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