Why did the citizen turn their new car into a cart pulled by a donkey?

Why did the citizen turn their new car into a cart pulled by a donkey?

According to international media, a citizen in the Indian state of Rajasthan’s city of Udaipur recently purchased a new car worth 1.7 million rupees, but after discovering a technical problem that could not be fixed, he staged a unique protest that went viral on social media.

In a viral video on social media, a person can be seen dragging his new car with two donkeys in front of it, while people playing drums follow him. The astonishing sight has left many people stunned, and they have also captured the moment on their mobile phones.

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One of the people who filmed this interesting clip shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. According to Indian media reports, after Raj Kumar’s car developed a technical problem, he took it to several service centers and dealer shops, but it was not repaired, and neither were the technical problems resolved.

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The service center personnel told the car owner that it was a battery problem, and that the problem would be fixed after driving the car and recharging the battery. However, even after this, the problem was not resolved, and as a result, he protested by turning his car into a cart pulled by a donkey and taking it to the showroom from where he had purchased it. However, the showroom also did not address his grievances, and he was forced to take this extreme step.

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