Why is the government holding negotiations? Sheikh Rashid reveals

Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has made an important revelation regarding the negotiations taking place between the government and the PTI.

During a conversation on ARY News’ program “Sawal Yeh Hai,” Sheikh Rashid said that friendly countries have told the government to set its own house in order, and that they are also concerned about Pakistan, hence they are making such statements.

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Regarding the negotiations taking place between the government and the PTI, Sheikh Rashid claimed that the talks are being held at the behest of the Chinese and Saudi Arabian governments.

The former Interior Minister stated that in one year, the country’s situation has been so ruined that only Allah knows how the next government will function, given the environment that has been created. He said that they do not want to hold elections.

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Warning the PTI, Sheikh Rashid said that no matter what they do, elections will take place and even if they are incompetent, they are afraid of the next government being led by Imran Khan.

During the program, the former Interior Minister stated that Fazlur Rehman is openly criticizing the judiciary, while the court is demonstrating patience and tolerance.

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Sheikh Rashid commented on former President Asif Ali Zardari’s political strategy, saying that he is trying to give an excuse to the Noon League that they are not understanding anything, and he says that the next Prime Minister will come from Sindh.

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