Why take the wrong family name? Arushi Rotela attacks a cricket fan on social media

Mumbai: Famous Bollywood actress Arushi Rotela attacked a cricket fan who had taken a wrong family name while praising cricketer Rishabh Pant.

Arushi Rotela shared a short video of a fan of Rishabh Pant on Instagram today, which had gone viral on social media after the Indian Premier League (IPL) match held on April 24 last month.

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In the video, the fan gave a message to the cricketer, while targeting the actress with criticism. He said, “I will not leave the ‘Rotela’ who tried to trap Rishabh Pant in her love.”

It should be noted that during the T20 World Cup held in Australia last year, rumors of a romance between Rishabh Pant and Arushi Rotela were circulating.

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After circulating on social media for three weeks, the video reached the Bollywood actress today and she expressed her reaction.

Posting the video, the actress wrote in the caption, “Stop spoiling my family name because it is very valuable to me. Family name means power and blessings.”

In her post, she used hashtags like “This is not funny” and “I don’t like it”.

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