Women can increase their income while staying at home. Find out how!

Almost everyone desires to have their own business, but not everyone can manage to do so. It requires immense hard work. In such circumstances, starting a business for women becomes even more challenging.

In our society, many women are famous for their homemade delicious meals, and a large number of office-going men prefer home-cooked food because it is not only tasty but also healthier.

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In this era of inflation, the business of preparing various types of meals has gained importance. “Home Chef” is a great and profitable online business for women, through which they can increase their income while staying at home.

In this regard, in the ARY News program “Bakhabar Savera,” experienced chef Samreen Junaid participated and advised women with her valuable suggestions.

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She mentioned that women who want to start their own work should cook meals that are in demand and offer them at a reasonable cost so that it benefits both the seller and the buyer.

She also stated that the second most sold fast food item in Pakistan is burgers, and there are many variations available.

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Note: The translation has been provided to the best of my abilities, taking into account the context and meaning of the text.

Abdul Rehman

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