“You will also leave me and go.”

In ARY Digital drama serial ‘Mere Hi Rehna,’ Arij Mahiuddin (Beena) impressed the audience with her acting.

In the drama serial ‘Mere Hi Rehna,’ Shahroz Sabzwari (Asad), Karn Hauq (Roohi), Syed Jabran (Junaid), Arij Mahiuddin (Beena), Aruba Marza (Anu), Babar Ali (Abi), Faizan Sheikh, Subhan Awan (Omar), Nida Mumtaz, and Parveen Akbar, along with other actors, are showcasing their talents.

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The responsibilities of directing the drama were handled by Zeshan Ali Zaidi, while the story was written by Meemuna Aziz.

The story of ‘Mere Hi Rehna’ revolves around two sisters, Roohi and Beena, and the problems they face after getting married in the same house.

In the previous episode, it was shown that Roohi’s husband Omar tells Beena that they might have to go to Islamabad for an interview.

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Beena says, “You are also going, and you will leave me too. I will get bored.” Omar says, “I won’t be gone for long, I’ll be back in two or four days.”

She says, “Alright, I hope your interview goes well.” Omar likes Beena and even proposes to her in his thoughts, but then hesitates and thinks that if he mentions marriage, their friendship might end.

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Will Beena marry Junaid, and will Omar be able to express his feelings to Beena? To find out, watch the next episode of ‘Mere Hi Rehna.’

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