Zareen Khan expressed her desire to come to Pakistan.

Famous Bollywood actress Zareen Khan, while expressing her desire to come to Pakistan, sent a message to her fans in Pashto.

According to Indian media reports, actress Zareen Khan said in a recent interview, “I have a strong desire to visit the northern region of Pakistan, specifically the Swat Valley, where my grandfather belongs.”

Zareen Khan revealed that her grandparents are from Swat, and they had come to India before the independence on August 15, 1947. They often talk about Swat, and looking at old pictures, it is evident that Swat is a very beautiful place.

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The actress said, “I hope that the relations between India and Pakistan improve so that I can visit my grandfather’s region, Swat.”

She mentioned that while it is essential to keep her mother tongue alive, she can speak a few words in Pashto.

Referring to her grandmother, she mentioned that when her grandmother was alive, Pashto was spoken quite frequently in their house. Her mother, aunts, and grandparents used to converse in Pashto among themselves, but she herself did not learn Pashto.

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During the interview, Zareen Khan spoke a famous Pashto phrase, saying that she would say to her Pashtun fans in Pakistan, “Pakhir Raglay” (meaning, “Take care”).

Zareen Khan mentioned that she had no desire to work in films initially, and she never even thought of becoming a part of the film industry. However, fate had something else in store for her.

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It is evident that Zareen Khan made her entry into Bollywood through a film audition, and after that, she displayed her acting skills in multiple films, including “Ready,” “Housefull 2,” “Hate Story 3,” “1921,” and others.

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